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Fix: Angular 6 and Firebase Hosting/Deployment Error

Angular, Firebase, Firestore by: Colin

Fix: "Firebase hosting setup complete" alert/error when deploying Angular 6 app to firebase hosting

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How to install Bootstrap 4 in Angular 6

Angular, Bootstrap by: Colin

How to install Boostrap 4 in Angular 6 as a dependency.

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iCal calendar for Phish tour dates and shows

Personal, News by: Colin

iCal calendar for Phish's 2018 Summer and Fall tours

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How to install Materialize-CSS in Angular 5

Angular, Tips & Tricks by: Colin

Quick tutorial on how to install Materialize CSS in Angular 5

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Free resources to learn Angular

Angular by: Colin

Free (or almost free) list of Angular 2+ resources.

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How to install Bootstrap 4-beta in Angular 4 as a dependency

Angular, Bootstrap, Tips & Tricks by: Colin

How to install Boostrap 4-beta.2 in Angular 4+ as a dependency.


This has been updated to use Bootstrap Beta.2 (Latest stable) as of April. 12, 2018.
This also works with Angular 5, But not Angular 6. For Angular 6 you can use this post.
I'm aware that BS4 (non-beta) has been released, however there is a bug with ng5 cli and Bootstrap 4, so sticking with Beta.2 is your best bet for now. I'll update when the bug is fixed.

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How to add dotenv to Webpack

Tips & Tricks, JavaScript (ES6), Webpack by: Colin

This is how you can add dotenv to a project using Webpack.

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Best Free Project Management Software for Web Developers

Tips & Tricks, Personal, Opinion by: Colin

My picks for free project management applications 2018.

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2017 Phish Dicks Colorado Posters by Tommy B

Personal by: Colin

You can buy our 2017 Phish Dicks posters created by Tommy Bradel on Etsy.

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How to create a username from an email address using AngularFire2

Angular, JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, Tips & Tricks by: Colin

How to create a username from an email address using AngularFire2's email/password authentication method

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