I searched online for an fix but I couldn't find anything, which is why I'm writing this post.

I purchased a TV (VIZIO E48-C2), and when I got home and plugged everything in I was shocked to find that the picture quality was way below what I was expecting...  Either the TV was a bust or I had the settings inncorect (I followed CNET's calibration instructions), or something was wrong with my RCN (Tivo) box. Needless to say, something wasn’t right.

To troubleshoot, I streamed a movie that I knew had good picture quality ( Unbranded), and everything looked great.  So it had to be somethign with RCN...

Long story short; while connecting the wires I must have hit the button in the back of the TiVo box which adjusts the quality of picture.

So if you are experiencing something similar; turn your TiVo box around; and on the back you will see a button that says “RESOLUTION”. When you click on it, you will see the picture quality that is being streamed. Mine was set to 730 and I kept clicking it so that it was set on 1080i.  when you have it set to 1080i or whatever setting you want, you can exit out of the settings window by pushing exit on your remote.

Resolution button image on TiVo box

Video format image