Angular 4 is officially out, and its latest iteration has some differences (good ones) from its earlier candidates. But since it hasn't been out very long it's hard to find updated tutorials on the web. The one I like thus far is from If you sign up he gives you the beginners course for free.

Here is an ongoing list of free learning sources. I'll add more as I'm learning. If you know of something let me know and I'll add it to the list.

  1. Angular Docs has a tutorial on there.
  2. I think this guy kudvenkat from YouTube explains things the best (IMHO). He just started releasing his Angular 2+ videos, so the series may be incomplete. But he is my favorite (when I was learning ng1), so I can only imagine it being the same with this series. Check the reviews on youtube if you dont believe me.
  3., but I feel like he rushes through his tutorials. 
  4. AngularClass