I'm a bootstrap user through and through, but I've recently been playing with Materailize CSS, and It's beautiful. Anyway, here is how you install it in Angular.


If you are using Angular 6 use this post.

MaterailizeCSS beta 1.0.0 is released. If you would like to use the latest version (Seems stable from my development uses, but never tested in production) then run this line in your terminal instead of # 1.

npm i materialize-css@next

MaterailizeCSS says you dont need jQuery anymore, but I like to have it nonetheless. To include jQuery run:

npm i jquery

Once you've created your project open up your terminal and run:

1. npm install materialize-css jquery --save.

This installs Materailize CSS and jQuery.

2. Open up your angular-cli.json file and add the style and scripts.

        "styles": [
      "scripts": [

3. Restart your server and you should be ready to go!