How to see if you're in the Facebook hack

How to see if you're in the Facebook hack

Colin Stodd
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04 Apr 2021 (Published)
06 Apr 2021 (Updated)

 Update: I originally wrote this post with hopes of being able to provide you with the link to check if your information had been breeched, but it looks like the site that people were using is no longer available. However, (if you are logged in) Facebook is said to be informing users with text from this page that politely tells you what the users could potentially do with your information (such as SPAM). And mine shows as nothing, so I presume that I wasn't because then they can play the "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" card. I will update if I get clearer information on the matter.

I find it extremely frustrating when bloggers and companies write posts about these hacks but provide no help in telling you where you can find out if you were effected. I wont waste more of your time, but I finally found out that the list was only accessible if you paid to view it. However, a user made the list publicly available which is why there's an uproar from planet Earth. I'm not sure why other sites wont tell you this, I guess they just like the clickbait effect.

Here and the button below are links to Facebook which is a list that can tell you if you are part of the hack that started in 2019 but was reported upon in April of 2021.

Facebook Hack List Delete All Facebook Data