Colin Stodd

Welcome to my home on the web. This site is primarily focused on my career in web development; it's also a blog that I built using the KeystoneJS CMS framework. If you've never heard of Keystone I highly recommend that you give it a look. It's highly extensible and extremely easy to get up and running. My previous blog was built with Ruby on Rails, but over the past few years I've transitioned into more of a front-end developer, and I've been using many of the popular JavaScript frameworks' in place of RoR. I still hope to develop with Rails, but I've really enjoyed working with these cutting edge technologies (esp Angular 2+ with Firebase). AngularFire2 is my new jam.

I’m new to the blogging thing but I’m going to do my best to post regularly about the topics I tend to follow and maybe some tips and tricks for the technologies I'm learning.

Anyway, here you can view some of my projects on Github, contact me directly through email, follow me on Twitter, or whatever; just don’t click on my face :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

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