About ~ Colin Stodd

"I love me some me"

- Terrell Owens, Former NFL football player

If you landed on this page I assume you have some interest in who I am. And since I'm not cool enough (yet) to have my own Wikipedia page, I'll share this bit on my personal site.

In short, I’m a percussion player turned web application developer. I recently moved from my hometown of Annapolis Maryland and I'm now working in the D.C. area with the American Gastroenterological Association as a front end developer; assuming the duties of a full stack developer.

My other passion in life is music. I played music with two bands ["Earthtone" and "Damn Right!"] for the duration of about 10 years. It wasn't until the past few years that I eased out of the music world and began teaching myself to program. I started my programming career using online resources in my spare time but quickly realized that I was in over my head and decided to get some formal education, which led me to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. In August of 2014 I completed a boot camp course at Betamore Academy in Baltimore Maryland which helped me land my first development job with the AGA.

I was hired as a full stack developer, but I've spent nearly all of my time working on front-end projects, and is where I plan to continue my work. I've been working with AngularJS, Angular (LOVE AngularFire2), React, TypeScript, NodeJS, ExpressJS (MEAN stack) and much of the common tooling out there for NodeJS; and I almost always use Bootstrap as my foundation.

That little logo on the bottom left is mine. Its nothing official, but projects I do outside of my paid job use that logo. Colper is a nickname that I've had since I was young...

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