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Colin Stodd with friends dog This site is based on my career in software development, but if you landed on this page I assume you have some interest in who I am; And since I'm not cool enough (yet) to have my own Wikipedia page, I'll share this bit on my personal site. In short, Iā€™m a percussion player turned web application & mobile developer.

Other than writing software my other passion in life is music. I played percussion with two bands: Damn Right! and Earthtone for about 10 years; but I knew I wanted more in life so I took a job with the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis, MD.

While working at the MGA I began teaching myself to program using online resources, but I decided to get a "formal" education, which led me to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. In August of 2014, I completed a back-end development course at Betamore Academy in Baltimore Maryland which helped me get to where I am today.

In 2014 I moved from my hometown of Annapolis Maryland to work in the D.C. area with the American Gastroenterological Association.

Nowadays, I'm back in Annapolis (still with AGA), but I spend most of my time working with the "Full Stack", focusing on front-end technologies such as Angular, TypeScript and NodeJS. I almost always use a CSS library like Bootstrap, and I've been dabbling into the mobile world via Dart/Flutter and Ionic. I guess you could say my stack of choice has become "Angular-Flutter-Firebase". Knowing Angular, Flutter and Firebase allows me to build anything in an extremely cost-effective and scalable manner.

You can view a list of the programming languages, frameworks, and libraries I work with by visiting my Technologies page.

Colin & Tommy in Tennessee w/ Damn Right!

I've recently (2019) been recording percussion tracks on albums/EP's which has me back in the world of music; But for the time being, I'm staying away from live performances opting for the comfort of my Logic Pro X Studio šŸ˜ƒ.

Lastly, If you see some "H" logo, that's the logo for Harpua, LLC which I co-founded with a great developer friend of mine. If you see something with "Colper", that's a nickname that I've had since I was young, and best of all, I'm a huge Phish fan. I travel a few times a year with friends to see them in various locations in and around the United States...