Free Resources To Learn Angular

Free Resources To Learn Angular

Colin Stodd
20 Apr 2018 (Published)
13 Jan 2020 (Updated)

Angular 7 is out and its latest iteration has some differences (good ones) from its earlier candidates. It hasn’t been out very long so it’s hard to find updated tutorials on the web.

Here is an ongoing list of free resources for beginners. I’ll add more as I find good ones, but If you know of something let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

  1. Angular Docs has a tutorial on there, which covers the entire framework. It’s extremely in depth, but can be a difficult read for beginners. I suggest coming back to this once you have built a basic app or two (A deeper dive).

  2. Traversy Media Channel on Youtube. This guy covers just about all the awesomeness associated with Angular (Firebase, observables, etc). He’s a down-to-earth, self taught guy (should watch his new videos on his story. It’s inspiring for those less fortunate). The link I provided takes you to his playlist channel. He’s doing awesome things with education for beginners. Follow him!

  3. I think this guy kudvenkat from YouTube explains things the best (IMHO). He just started releasing his Angular 2+ videos, so the series may be incomplete. But he is my favorite (when I was learning ng1), so I can only imagine it being the same with this series. Check the reviews on youtube if you don’t believe me. Its a bit dry, but the way he teaches seems to have it stick in my head. Can’t really explain it.

  4. AngularFirebase: Jeff Delaney is a “Google Developer Expert” and is one of my favorite places to learn intermediate to advanced topics on Angular, Firebase and nowadays Flutter, Svelte and much more on his new app. His tutorials are geared for the more advanced user. This is a great resource once you have a solid understanding of how Angular and Firebase work. He shows you how to add things like payment processing, image uploading and other advanced topics. Many of his AngularFirebase videos are free, but you can also join as a monthly subscriber or a one time payment membership of somewhere between $250-300. I joined as a lifetime membership and it paid for itself in a few months time.

  5., but I feel like he rushes through his tutorials.

And if you feel like spending 10 bucks or so, I highly recommend Udemy Videos. If the videos are not on sale at $10-15, you can find coupons online or wait until they are. Sales happen seemingly every month. Let me know if you have any questions!