Download iCal and Google calendar for Phish tour dates and shows

Download iCal and Google calendar for Phish tour dates and shows

Colin Stodd
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23 Jan 2020 (Published)
19 May 2020 (Updated)

UPDATE 19 May 2020

From Phish's Email/Website
"Due to the ongoing pandemic, we sadly have made the difficult decision to reschedule Phish’s entire 2020 summer tour, now moving to the summer of 2021. We’ve been as excited as ever to play music for you all, and are so heartbroken to postpone these dates..."

As requested, and because I love 3.5 of you; As long as Phish keeps providing these free streams I'll keep adding those to the calendar.
And yes, I'll be updating next years' dates soon enough.

I was unable to find an updated Phish iCal calendar on the web, so I created one myself and I’m sharing it with you. All you need to do is copy and paste this link into your calendar application.

  As technology is always changing I've had some people tell me that the "public calendar link" would not work on one platform and some times the other platform, so I've provided links for both    Apple and    Google; So you'll now notice that there's two sections (one for each) below. I'll also note that these instructions are assuming you are on a laptop or desktop computer, not a mobile device. Let me know if you run into any issues.
- Colper


Calendar (Apple/iCal):

Go in iCalendar and click File > New Calendar Subscription and paste the link below into that input field.

Public iCal URL:

Google Calendar:

Go into Google Calendar, on the bottom left hand side you’ll see Other Calendars then click the and
select From URL and paste the URL below into that input.

Public Google URL:

You should now see the show dates with details populate on your calendar. I will try and keep this calendar updated should they add more dates. If you see something missing or off, please let me know in the comments.