Download iCal and Google calendar for Phish tour dates and shows

Download iCal and Google calendar for Phish tour dates and shows

Colin Stodd
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29 Dec 2017 (Published)
11 May 2021 (Updated)

UPDATE     11 May 2021

Soon, my Phriends, soon... I will update the calendars, in the mean time since you are here, feel free and add the calendars if you have not already done so. If you don't see the future shows, stop trippin, those will be dynamially added when I stop trippin. To check and make sure the calendar is working correctly, I encourage you to go back to your favorite show of the last few years or so and check to see if you see it there, and then I encourage you to re-listen/live it. cuz that's what we do!?! ... If you don't see it there, then that's the time to start trippin and hit me up below... I'll see you on lot for some mice-cold-mepsies.

I was unable to find an updated Phish iCal calendar on the web, so I created one myself and I’m sharing it with you. All you need to do is copy and paste this link into your calendar application.


Calendar (Apple/iCal):

Go in iCalendar and click File > New Calendar Subscription and paste the link below into that input field.

Public iCal URL:

Google Calendar:

Go into Google Calendar, on the bottom left hand side you’ll see Other Calendars then click the and
select From URL and paste the URL below into that input.

Public Google URL:

You should now see the show dates with details populate on your calendar. I will try and keep this calendar updated should they add more dates. If you see something missing or off, please let me know in the comments.